December 29, 2014

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The Dummies' Guide to Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is a special type of cleaning that must generally be completed by a professional. However, because it is a special type of cleaning, most people also have a lot of questions about it before they hire someone to do the work for them. It is incredibly important to have your upholstery cleaned, which you must be aware of. Hopefully, the following questions and answers will help you to gain a slightly better understanding of this type of cleaning and why it matters.

Why Is Upholstery Cleaning Important?

The first reason has to do with air quality. You may believe that upholstery cleaning is all about creating a nice look; but it is really about keeping you and others in your home healthy. Indeed, although it is certainly true that sofa cleaning will extend the life of your sofa, the fact that it extends your own life is actually far more important. Your upholstery holds a lot of bacteria and dust within its fabric, and this is expelled into the air every time you sit down on your sofa or chair. Even if nobody in your home has asthma or other breathing problems, ensuring you have clean air is very important. Bacteria and dust can cause allergies and lead to disease and infections. By keeping your upholstery clean, you make sure that you and your family are living in a clean environment with safe air.

How Often Should You Clean Your Upholstery?

You may be surprised as to the number of people who never clean their upholstery. In reality, however, sofa cleaning should be done at the very least every two years, more often if you can. In fact, if you can clean your sofa every year, it would be even better. Remember that upholstery cleaning helps to improve your overall air quality, which is something you should be committed to. Not just that, regularly cleaning your upholstery also means it will last longer. It keeps the fibers healthy and in good condition, which means that you won't need to replace it as often. As such, keeping good care of your furniture actually means you spend less overall.

How Real Are the Health Risks of Not Cleaning Upholstery?

The risks are very real. Neglecting to clean your furniture regularly can lead to allergies, breathing problems, asthma, eczema and the spread of various bacteria and viruses. It is highly likely that many of the illnesses that members of your family suffer are caused directly by your upholstery. Remember that you use this furniture yourself, which means it is covered with all the pollutants you came into contact with outside the home, including any bacteria and viruses that you are carrying. Additionally, like your mattress, it will be covered in a layer of dust mites and their feces, dead skin cells, and old hairs. Not only is this dirty and a health risk, it also attracts various other pests, which can also damage your health.

Should I Clean my Upholstery Myself or Hire a Professional?

Like most people, it is likely that you are trying to keep maintenance costs on your furniture and property as low as possible. And it is certainly true that you can rent upholstery cleaning equipment, or even purchase it yourself and this will generally cost you less than enlisting the services of a professional. However, you need to ask yourself truthfully whether or not you actually know what you are doing. If you truly want to enjoy the positive benefits of sofa cleaning, asking a professional to come in and do it for you is the best possible idea.

These companies have the right equipment to do the job, and know exactly how to use it. Furthermore, they will know which chemicals and cleaning products work best on your particular type of furniture, and it will often contain elements that are antibacterial as well, which are only available to the professionals in the industry. Having the right industrial cleaners is very important to achieving the best results, especially in terms of not damaging the fibers of your upholstered pieces. The reality is that it is highly unlikely that a consumer could actually remove all of the different allergens present in their upholstery, since they are buried deep within the fibers of the fabric. Since one of the reasons for cleaning your furniture is specifically to get rid of all these allergens, it quickly becomes clear why you should choose a professional company to complete the job properly.

Sharon Renn
Sharon Renn